How to Create a Windows 7 Password?

In the previous article, I discussed how to create a new user account in Windows. So here I’ll show you how to add a password to the newly created user account. It is highly suggested that users should add a password d to a Windows user account. Why? As everyone knows, a Windows password plays an important role in computer data security. It can help Windows 7 users prevent unauthorized users from opening a file or program.

1. Log on computer with your target user account.
2. Click Start to select Control Panel.
3. Click User Accounts and Family Safely, User Accounts to enter the following screen.
4. Click Create a password for your account. The following screen will appear.
5. Input your new password, and then enter it again to confirm your new password. After that, you can click Create password to finish the operation. But here I highly suggested you create a password hint, which can offer some clues to your password if you fail to remember this created password.

Well, in addition to follow the steps listed above, the Windows 7 password in another easier way by using Ctrl+Alt+ Del. To take this method, you need to log on to the not password protected account, and then press Ctrl + Alt + Del. Just click Change a password link on the coming up Windows screen.

When the following screen appears, leave the Old password box blank, enter a password to this user account, and then confirm the user password.

A message that your password has been changed will appear when your operation takes effect.
Don’t think it is easier, though the first solution is also simple. The following are some tips and tricks concering Windows 7 password.

1. The password should be long and complicated enough so that it will be easily guessed by others. Meanwhile, it is easy for you to keep it in mind. Otherwise, the password can be easily forgotten.
2. Please create a password reset disk for this account after password created. This password disk is helpful and saves you out of lots of troubles if you forgot Windows 7 password. If you don’t know how to create, please refer to how to create a Windows 7 password reset disk.

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