Whenever you forgot eMachine login password, how do you to bypass the lost password and regain access your notebook or laptop without reinstalling Windows? If you go to the eMachine website, you’ll get the following information to troubleshoot lost or forgotten login passwords:

1. Make sure the Caps Lock is turned off.

2. Make sure the Num Lock is not on (Notebooks only).

3. Make sure the Shift key (not Ctrl key) is pressed down when entering the password if the password has special characters in it (Examples: !* $ # +).

If the above information doesn’t work for you, please follow the 4 simple steps to bypass your forgotten password for eMachines computer, regardless of that its OS is Windows 7, Vista or Windows XP.

Step 1: Make sure if there’s a password hint or password reset disk. If there has, please try to recall your computer password through the clues provided by the password hint or reset your forgotten Windows password to a new one through the password reset disk. If not, please skip it and go to step 2.

Step 2: Examine if there’s another accessible admin account on your eMachine computer. If there’s one, log on to eMachine computer through that admin account, then click Start button > input “control userpasswords2” in the text search box > hit Enter. On the coming User Account window, select your target user account and click Reset Password button to change its password to a new one without learning the old password. Fail to access the computer as administrator? Go to step 3.

Step 3: Find a computer that you can run as administrator, then download and install Windows Password Breaker in the computer. Next you can burn a bootable password reset disk with a CD/DVD/USB flash drive in seconds by clicking Remove local password, selecting target removable device, and clicking Burn button.

Step 4: Insert the burned bootable password reset disk in the locked eMachine computer and set BIOS of the computer to boot from the bootable disk. After that, you’ll be able to reset forgotten eMachine computer password under DOS command prompt by following its instructions. It only takes you 1-2 minutes.

More about Windows Password Breaker: Windows Password Breaker is an easy yet powerful Windows password reset tool to reset a lost or forgot Windows password on all popular Windows platforms like Windows 7/Vista/XP/2008/2003, etc. 100% password reset rate and 100% secure without any loss or damage to your computer data and settings.


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