Almost half of Windows users are still using Windows XP as their desktop operating system, even with the forthcoming arrival of Windows 8 and Mac OX X Lion, according to a recent survey.

Although this operating system has been released for 10 years, some users are still not familiar with its built-in features, like prevent-forgotten-password that can help you create a password reset disk to in case of a forgotten Windows password. You’d like the following information if you belong to those who have no idea about a Windows XP password reset disk.

Create a password reset disk in Windows XP

1. Start your computer and insert a removable media like USB flash drive in your computer.

2. Open User Account Window by clicking Start button, clicking Control Panel. Clicking User Account, selecting your target account.

3. Click Prevent a forgotten password under the Related Task on the left pane.

4. On the coming forgotten password wizard, click Next to follow its instructions.

Use the password reset disk to change a forgotten password

1. Enter a wrong password on the Windows XP logon screen. Windows displays an error message claiming the password is incorrect if you enter the wrong password.

2. Click “OK” to close the message and click the “Reset Password” button. Insert your password reset disk or USB flash drive.

3. The password reset wizard will launch. Follow its instructions to change a forgotten
Windows XP password to a new one.

Forgot Windows XP password without password reset disk?

Advice 1: Try to press Ctrl+Alt+Del twice on logon screen, then enter administrator in the username box, press Enter when a classic logon screen appears.

Advice 2: When you forgot Windows password, just get Windows Password Breaker Professional to burn a bootable Windows password reset CD/DVD/USB to remove the lost Windows password.


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