By the end of March 2011, Windows 7 was powering 20.9 percent of corporate PCs, while Windows XP was on 60 percent of business PCs – down from 69 percent a year ago, according to a new Forrester Research report. The report also predicts that the usage of Windows 7 is going to be around 83% from news PCs over the year as the usage of Windows XP is going to diminish very soon.

Well, no matter what Window OS a user use, an important thing for the users is to create a password reset disk for their user accounts, with the increasing request on how to reset a lost Windows 7 password. No one can deny that a strong Windows login password goes a long way in computer security, while on the other hand a lost Windows password brings lots of troubles, even disasters.

And a password reset disk is the best precautionary measure to in case of this problem, undoubtedly.
It’s a simple task to create a password reset disk for a Windows user account. The following steps are based on Windows 7.

1. Start your computer and log in to your Windows account. Click the ‘Start’, Click ‘Control Panel’, click ‘User Accounts and Family Safety’, and click the ‘User Accounts’ .

2. Click the ‘Create a password reset disk’ link on the left side of the ‘User Accounts’ window.

3. Insert a USB flash drive in computer,  and then click the ‘Next’ button in the window that pops up to begin creating the CD. Windows will create the password reset disk and notify you once the process has completed.

Unluckily, many Windows users neglect this useful windows feature. If you forgot Windows password without a Windows password reset disk, the effective method left for you is to use Windows Password Breaker. Whenever you forgot the password of them, with this powerful Windows password recovery tool in hand, you can easily reset lost Windows administrator, standard user and guest passwords easily and quickly on all Windows platforms, as well without any data losing or file damage at all.


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