How to Bypass Windows 7 Password without Admin Rights?

Question: Forgot Windows 7 password without accessible admin account? No password reset disk is available. How to bypass my Windows 7 password.

As suggested on Microsoft official website, you can either use a password reset disk or an administrator account to reset your Windows 7 password if you cannot remember it. But if neither of them is practical, the best choice is to opt for Windows password recovery tool like Windows Password Breaker.

Windows Password Breaker is a powerful Windows password reset tool for Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000 and Server 2003(R2)/2008(R2). With the help of this password reset tool, you can create a bootable password reset disk with CD/DVD or USB flash drive to reset all forgotten Windows passwords instantly and safely, such as Windows Administrator, Standard and Guest users password, and Windows Domain Administrator password as well.

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What to Do If I Cannot Remember My Windows 7 Login Password?

Question: I have a Windows 7 and I can’t remember my password. I’m the only user on the log-in screen and I don’t know how to change it. Please help.

When you forgot Windows 7 passwords and failed to log onto Windows, you can either reinstall computer or to use Windows password recovery software to get you out of the problem. Reinstalling computer is often regarded as the last choice as it will lead to data loss. If you store important information on your computer, it’s never suggested to do this.

In my regard, the best way to get rid of a forgotten Windows 7 password is to choose reliable Windows password recovery software. Although these applications cost some money, but no data will lost after password recovery with Windows password recovery. And it just takes you a few minutes to remove the forgotten password and regain access to your computer again.

Windows Password Breaker allows you to reset lost Windows administrator password, user password and domain administrator password on all popular Windows OS like Win 7/Vista/XP/Server 2008/2003. It supports CD/DVD/USB flash drive. 100% security guaranteed. No any data loss or damage.

Things you should prepare in advance:
1. USB flash drive or CD/DVD
2. A computer for download and installation
3. CD driver is required for CD/DVD

How to reset forgotten Windows 7 login password?
Step 1: Download and install Windows Password breaker in any available computer.

Step 2: Burn a bootable CD/DVD or USB flash drive with this Windows recovery software.

Step 3: Set your locked computer to boot from CD ROM or USB.

Step 4: Remove Windows 7 password to blank.

Step 5: Log on your computer without password.

What to Do if My Windows 7 Password Is About to Expire?

Joe’s Windows 7 computer told him that his User password was about to expire, so he wondered how to deal with this problem.

Password expiration is a Windows 7 security feature that reduces security risks by forcing users to change their password periodically. Being a common Windows 7 user, you are able to disable and enable this security features as you wish.

How to disable password expiration in Windows 7?
Method 1. Use command prompt
1. Click Start and type “cmd” in the search box.

2. Right-click the Command Prompt and click “Run as Administrator.” Choose to allow the program to run with Administrative privileges if asked.

3. When the command prompt appears, type the following command to stop Password Expiration.
net accounts /maxpwage:unlimited [enter]

4. You will get a message box: “The command completed successfully” and then you can close the command prompt.

Method 2. Use Local Users and Groups
1. Open the Local Users and Groups administration panel by typing in lusrmgr.msc into the Start search box and pressing Open.

2. Expand the Users folder on the left hand pane and then right- click your target user account in the list and select Properties.

3. On the Properties window, check the Password never expires checkbox and click OK.

Tip: The administrator password is required for this operation.

If you don’t want to turn off the password expiration in Windows 7, you can simply change the password. Go to Start >> Control Panel >> Family Safety and User Accounts >> User Accounts. Click change your password link on the User Accounts window. Type your current password, type a new password and retype it again to confirm it.

How to change user type in Windows 7?

Whenever you create a new user account in Windows 7, you are required to decide the user account type in the process. Create a standard user account or administrator account? And after setting up, you are also able to change the user account type anytime as you wish. Here will show you how to change your user account type in Windows 7.

Before getting started, let’s learn what the difference between standard user and administrator is.

Each account type gives the user a different level of control over the computer. The standard account is the account to use for everyday computing. It lets a person use most of the capabilities of the computer, but permission from an administrator is required if you want to make changes that affect other users or the security of the computer.

The administrator account provides the most control over the computer, and should only be used when necessary. It lets you make changes that will affect other users. Administrators can change security settings, install software and hardware, and access all files on the computer. Administrators can also make changes to other user accounts.

1. Open User Accounts by going to Start button – Control Panel – User Accounts and Family Safety – User Accounts.

2. Click Manage another account. If you’re prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

3. Click the account you want to change, and then click Change the account type.

4. Select the account type you want, and then click Change Account Type.


Forgot My Windows 7 Password

“Yesterday afternoon I changed my windows password. But when I want to login, it always prompt me that wrong password. How should I do?”

Try the following procedures to reset Windows 7 password:
1. Power on laptop PC and press the key: F8.

2. At the windows of Advanced Boot Options, opt for “Safe Mode with Command Prompt” and confirm with key: Enter. Then PC starts Windows.

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